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New Studio

Just finished building my new studio!!

After months of work and a little bit of money, it’s finally done! Now it’s time to get busy creating new music for my publishers.

A Gift to a New Artist/Band

Donated my Yamaha AW 16G recorder to my nephew who is in a local band. Hope it works out well for you Brian 🙂

Music Pirates

Third party sellers on Amazon are making copies of my CD’s and listing them for sale. If you would like a copy of my CD “A World Beyond” or “Soothing Melodies”, please buy it here on You can also purchase digitally at Apple Music or only this one on Amazon. These pirates have actually gone to the trouble of copying the CD’s, Album Cover, inside Written Material and packaging. Unbelievable. I’ve reached out to the sellers requesting they remove them immediately.

Regis & Kelly, Theme Song Contest 2009

I recently came across this video in one of my Youtube accounts, I had forgotten all about it. I submitted a theme/background track during a contest. Regis and Kelly was starting a new season broadcasting in HD and held a contest for a new theme song for the shows opening. I lost to a track with an overwhelming amount of brass instruments (annoying). I believe my submission fit the shows intro better. Play video and listen to my submission. The song that won was not used for very long.

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