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Music Pirates

Third party sellers on Amazon are making copies of my CD’s and listing them for sale. If you would like a copy of my CD “A World Beyond” or “Soothing Melodies”, please buy it here on You can also purchase digitally at Apple Music or only this one on Amazon. These pirates have actually gone to

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Purchase directly from the artist.

A World Beyond and Soothing Melodies. Music for any situation requiring relaxation or meditation. Al’s music has played in doctors offices, emergency wards, ICU, hair salons, dentist offices and more. I’ve been told it also helps to sooth a crying baby or stressed pet. Al’s music is also available to download on Apple Music and Amazon.

TAXI Independent A&R Gets Your Music To The People Who Need It…

TAXI’s Industry Listings tell me exactly what decision-makers need right now. They pitch my music to Major & Independent Record Labels, Music Publishing Companies, Film & TV Music Supervisors, Production Music Libraries, Ad Agencies, and Video Game Companies. Their A&R team pre-screens my music for specific requests and either rejects it or forwards it to the listing.

I have had several tracks/songs picked up and used over the years. Note: Most of the type of music submitted here is for commercial use, sometimes only parts of the tracks are used and it’s much different than my solo piano playing. I do a little bit of everything. Browse music that I have submitted in the past. 

Chillin out on a 1920’s upright baby grand piano.

CAUTION: You may fall asleep listening to this.

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